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Sharing your content


Another great engagement you need is sharing. How many peoples thinks your content is the best and think others need to see it too?

It’s great to get many like and views, but getting your content shared is even better and it tells you what content you produce is what your followers likes.

If you have 12 posts the last month and only 2 got shared, then try and look what the difference is between your regular posts and these people share. Is it a Video, Pictures or many a Website link? People in generally share when they want others to see the content, and they either likes it or hate it.

Why do you want to share?

Simple math: You have 25.000 followers and in average each of your followers has 1000 followers.

When 100 followers is sharing your content, it will in theory be shown to 100.000 people. This means you will get even more to see your content and protentional more new followers. Meaning that people that don’t know you yet will have an much more easy time to find you and follow you.

So look at the content you have posted and gets many shares, what is the difference from the others and what does people likes about it?