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Likes – How to get them?

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Likes are the great to get to know people have seen your content and even liked it. But it can also be difficult to get them, you might post an image to Instagram and have 5.000 followers see it, but only 54 likes. This is and like engagement on 1,08% which is low, and can be increased. Then posting a video, you might say “Like this video if you want to see more or just liked the video”, telling your followers to like if they want more of same content is a great way to get likes.

What is a great percentage engagement in likes? It depends much on how many followers you have because if you have 40 follower and 10 likes your content you have 25%, if you have 12 millions and get 350.000 likes you have an engagement on 2.91%, it might be lower that 25% percent, but it have more people that liked in.