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Comments – listing to your followers


You might have many likes, but comment are stronger in engagement because it makes people engage more with you, if you get likes easy and can make more that 2-3% engagement in likes, then you can start focusing on getting your engagement in comments.

Why is comment engagement good and better than a like?

Because people really like you content when they comment it, and it makes if more powerful for you to know what they likes, because they could write “loved it”, “you should try using …” or even “looks fake”, all comments makes it possible for you to post more content and even give feedback to your users. The comment that it “looks fake”, here you can show in more details how it is done.

You have to remember when you get a comment, you should response to as many as possible, for with time this would be difficult. But giving some kind of feedback and letting the users know you have seen their comments is powerful and make the users feel like you talk directly to them.

With comments you speak with your audience and makes them get a voice in your content, it is powerful to get the knowledge and questions from your audience and know if your content is getting less attractive and you might go a different way.

Tips and tricks

When you have under 30 comments on your posts, try and respond on each one. It will make it more personal and people like to get a response. When you have a bigger account and get 100’s of comments then it will be difficult to response to each one. You will still have to try and respond to every 5th or 10th comments, so people can see that there is actually possible to get a response.

You will have to try this on many different ways, best is to respond as soon as possible when the comments get written, the faster response the better.