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Clicks – Start making money


Clicks are really the gold in engagements, can you get a click, then you might also get a sale. From views to likes to comments, clicks is the most difficult to get. It it something you need to work on for getting good results.

By getting a click you might also get a sale and this is true, people click the link because they trust you and your content is trustworthy. If you can get clicks you can start focusing on the next step in earning money, here i mean “Affiliate marketing”. Getting paid for directing people to certain products, and you can setup your own.

If you make videos about makeup, your should looking into “Affiliate marketing” for makeup. What it means is: If you signup for affiliate marketing with Amazon, they you can make money on directing people to a page on amazon that have the products you show and you can make percentage with every sale. If you direct people to a lipstick that costs $19.99 and you get 7.5% per sale you get $1.49 per sale, and if you do this for many different products it can get much money.

So getting clicks is big and it can get you money, but first you need to focus on “Likes”, then “Comments” and then “Clicks”.

Engagement with your audience is key and the most powerful thing for you social profiles.

Link to Amazon Affiliate Program