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10 Tips for 2020

  1. Speaking with your followers.
    • When your followers comments on your posts remember to response as to as many as possible, but remember you can’t respond to each when you have 100’s of comments on your posts, then it will take your too much time.
  2. Contest and giveaway.
    • People loves giveaways and contest, and is a great way to get followers. But it can also for some seems likes you are trying to buy followers when offering gifts cards. There is alternative ways can to do this, for example giving personally tips, if you are doing makeup posts, then giveaway a free personal session.
  3. Asking questions
    • Ask any specific question you have in mind, if you are trying to buy a new car, which brand should it be, which has the best service deal and such. Getting your followers engaged with you.
  4. Doing Live AMA (Ask me anything)
    • This will also make you get closer with your followers and make them engage with you more. If you are shy for video this is not ideal for you
  5. Using your Hashtags
    • Always use hashtags that is related to your topic and our business.
    • Use your hashtag always so your followers can find your content.
  6. Who else are using your hashtags?
    • Find the users that is using your hashtags and connect with them, don’t follow, but comment on their posts.
    • Figure out if they have content matching your and maybe get more engagement for content you haven’t posted but are in your niche.
  7. Responding to mentions
    • When you are mentioned, remember to respond with a “Like”, so people knows you have seen you been mentioned.
  8. Find best time for your audience
    • Meaning figuring out when it is best for you, to post your content and get people attention, it is at 7am in the morning or 9 pm in the evening? You need to try and post in different times and see the engagement from your users.
    • This can also help you with affiliate marketing, because you can run with limited deals for your fastest followers.
  9. Partnering up
    • Find related brands close to your heart and partner up. It can help you make them choose you for beta testing or promote a product they have.
    • You can also partner up with a profile close to you too and do shared content and giveaways.
  10. Last important one.
    • Be a social team player and behave.
    • By being social active each day and talking with and to your followers, your engagement will go up.
    • See what they like and don’t like, and remember don’t delete any posts (Only if you hit a very very bad storm)